Developer News

Improving the developer and user experience for third-party apps

Ole Hejlskov

Third-party apps are an essential part of the Spotify experience. From playlist management software to social listening experiences, thousands of important apps connect to the Web API every day. Since we launched the Spotify Developer Platform, we have seen developers worldwide use our APIs to create apps, integrations or use it as a learning platform to learn new skills. We love seeing all the different apps, projects and integrations, and we want to continue supporting and encouraging this. At Spotify, we continue to focus on improving the user experience, quality, and safety of the third-party apps that our users install. To support these efforts, we are launching three changes to our platform to help developers build better apps for the Spotify community.

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Introducing the Web API status page

Josh Brown

Spotify’s Web API engineers do their best to keep the Web API online. Occasionally though, the API does experience downtime and degraded service. We know that outages have an impact on apps that rely on the Web API, and so today, we are launching the Web API status page: a new website with up-to-date information about ongoing API incidents.

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