We would like to inform that we updated our Developer Terms of Service. We are making some changes to these terms and, in the spirit of transparency, we want to be super clear about what’s changing, so here’s a high level summary of the update:

  • We’ve added some language to make clear the types of content that are covered by our terms including things like song lyrics and musical works.
  • We’ve updated our Branding Guidelines to ensure that everyone has the latest Spotify visual identity and assets.
  • We’ve made some clarifications to reflect our licenses with rights holders. For example, we’ve made it clear that our licenses require you to clearly use the Spotify mark when using content available through our platform, we’ve clarified some important restrictions, such as with voice products, in-store experiences, and alarms or ringtones.
  • We’ve clarified our arbitration provision, which generally requires individual arbitration of any disputes and waives the right to proceed in court.

We value our relationships with our audience and the people that create and own the content we share (labels, publishers, artists, and songwriters). Today’s update is meant to ensure that you have a better understanding of the rules around our platform and how you can build cool stuff with our developer tools.

Please read these terms carefully before using our developer platform - and we hope you’re listening to a sweet, sweet playlist while you do.

Happy hacking!

Spotify for Developers team