Say hello to the new Spotify for Developers!

Over the years, you have given us a lot of great feedback on the existing developer site and our developer resources. The new Spotify for Developers is our first step towards delivering an even better developer experience.

What’s new?

Spotify for Developers homepage

Along with the new developer experience, we’ve also announced our new Web Playback SDK and updated Developer Terms of Use. You can expect developer support from us through our online communities and at events, meetups, and hackathons all over the world.

This is a beta release, so please anticipate regular changes & improvements to the site and our APIs, SDKs, developer tools, and documentation as you share more about your experience. During the beta, you may still continue to use our current developer website.

Your feedback helps shape the Spotify developer experience. Tell us what you think by filling in the “Get in touch” feedback form on our homepage, or by reaching out to us directly on Twitter or GitHub.

We can’t wait to see what you create with the Spotify Platform 🙂

Happy hacking!

Spotify for Developers team