On the 12th of June 2018, we announced upcoming changes to playlist URIs in our APIs. Due to technical issues, this change, originally scheduled for September 11th 2018, was rolled back.

The playlist URI change has now been scheduled for February 28th, 2019.

Please see the original post for more details about this change.

If you are not relying on the structure of the playlist URIs - i.e. you are not parsing them in order to determine the playlist owner - then the changes made on 28th February 2019 will not impact your application and you need take no immediate action, although you are encouraged to move over to the newer, more simplified URL structure as soon as is convenient.

If you are relying on the structure of the playlist URIs you must take immediate action to ensure that this change does not impact the functionality of your application. If you are parsing the URI to determine the playlist owner, you should instead read this information from the owner user object available as part of both the full and simplified playlist object model.

Let us know if you have any questions over on the spotify/web-api GitHub.


The Spotify for Developers Team