Developer News

Removing Unauthenticated calls to the Web API

Hugh Rawlinson

On 29th May 2017 the /search /tracks /albums /artists and /users (and related) endpoints will start requiring an access token, bringing them in-line with all other Web API endpoints. A detailed overview of the changes [can be found here.](

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Statistics and Insights for your Web API apps

José M. Pérez

Part of maintaining a large scale API is ensuring we are able to properly monitor how our product is consumed both globally, and on a per-app basis. Over time this information has proven invaluable when working with partners to optimise their experiences, and we’ve spent some time creating internal tooling to visualise that data for fast and easy insights.

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Token requests will soon return granted scopes

Andy Smith

On Wednesday 29th June we will release an update for all client IDs to enable your application to read which scopes have been granted by the user when requesting or refreshing access tokens.

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